Knox Carey

Knox Carey
	  oooo    oooo                                          .oooooo.
	  `888   .8P'                                          d8P'  `Y8b
	   888  d8'    ooo. .oo.    .ooooo.  oooo    ooo      888           .oooo.   oooo d8b  .ooooo.  oooo    ooo
	   88888[      `888P"Y88b  d88' `88b  `88b..8P'       888          `P  )88b  `888""8P d88' `88b  `88.  .8'  
	   888`88b.     888   888  888   888    Y888'         888           .oP"888   888     888ooo888   `88..8'
	   888  `88b.   888   888  888   888  .o8"'88b        `88b    ooo  d8(  888   888     888    .o    `888'    
	  o888o  o888o o888o o888o `Y8bod8P' o88'   888o       `Y8bood8P'  `Y888""8o d888b    `Y8bod8P'     .8'     

"Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under."

— H.L. Mencken

This picture sums up our current political moment perfectly!

In memory of Doris Day, listen to this interpretation of The Second Star to the Right from Disney's Peter Pan on 78rpm, courtesy of The Internet Archive:

Fiat justitia ruat caelum